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Thatcher has worked in the film industry since 2003. After graduating with a bachelors in film production Thatcher worked in Los Angeles as a production assistant for commercials and reality TV. He then spent two years working as a prep-tech at a camera rental house in Culver City. After leaving the rental house he began working as a DIT in the LA area. In 2012 he moved to Seattle because the Pacific Northwest is an amazing, beautiful place. Thatcher continues to work as a DIT on commercial and feature projects. Since he move to Seattle he has added color grading to his repertoire. He enjoys not just creating looks and coloring dailies on set, but creating final looks and polishing the finished pieces.

In addition to film work, I enjoy hiking, climbing, backcountry skiing, and just about any mountain activity. I love photography and capturing/sharing my adventures. I like being able to share the beauty that I find in nature with others. You can find some of my photography here on my site. To purchase licenses or prints feel free and contact me through the contact form.

My wife, Laura and I have a dog named Sahale. He loves playing in the snow and mountains as much as I do. He also makes for a good pillow.


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