Color Grading and Finishing

We provide post color grading and finishing services for Feature, Commercial, and Corporate work. We offer flexibility and cater to the specific needs of each project; whether it's in-person client sessions, working remotely with clients around the world, or working in your facility for fast feedback and quick turnarounds.

Workflow and Display Calibration Specialist

We provide color workflow consultation and display calibration to help you achieve efficiency and technical perfection. We use precise spectro and colorimeter probes to profile and calibrate your displays to any industry specification.

On-Set DIT and Dailies

We offer services including live-grading, look-building, dailies processing/transcoding, live monitoring and exposure assistance.

Thatcher is a Local 600 DIT and has been working as a DIT on large-scale commercials and features in Los Angeles, Seattle, and around the country since 2007

Our mobile DIT carst scale to the production's needs and are built for tight spaces and fast moves. We aim to provide all your digital imaging needs without adding bulk and complication to the set.